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arrowvexiere for violin and piano
29th Apr 2015  |  broadcasted by BR2Radio (D)
performed by arrowKolja Lessing (vl) and
arrowJohannes Moeller (pf)

arrowFaust-Paraphrasen for 2 pianos
20th Mar 2015  |  BR2Radio (D)
performed by Thomas Hitzlberger and Georg Schütz

arrowPolymnia Press recently published:
arrowfacetten for violin and orchestra (2015)
arrowsuite pour deux for flute and violoncello
arrowsnapshots for violin, v’cello and percussion
arrowzick zack for tenor recorder and accordion
arrowzick zack for clarinet and accordion

game over for piano solo
21st Feb 2015  |  broadcasted by arrowWDR3
performed by Rainer Maria Klaas

arrow3 Intermezzi for violoncello and piano
28th Jan 2015  |  broadcasted by BR2Radio performed by Raimund Trenkler and Hee Young-Song

witch hunt for saxophone and piano
17th Jan 2015  |  Waltrop (D)
Lucas Knappe and Rainer Klaas

zick zack for clarinet and accordion
11th Jan 2015  |  Moers (D)
premiered by arrowRobert Beck and arrowMarko Kassl

ping pong for four bass recorders
4th Jan 2015  |   Neuss (D)
7th Dec 2014  |  arrowSchloss Morsbroich (D)
performed by ensemble Flautando Köln

arrowLost on Dec 26 for Bass Clarinet, Violoncello and piano
15th Nov 2014  |  Vila Nova de Gaia (Portugal)
La Marmita, Emsemble Carla Quelhas (pf)

Music is published by Polymnia Press. Scores and parts can be ordered at the webshop. There you will find more informations and sample pages.

There is a new arrowvideo channel featuring several music productions on YouTube.

Two compositions belong to arrowABRSM Syllabus (Royal Schools of Music) and to “Grade Exams” of Trinity Guildhall College (London). See the link for music sheets and recordings down left at the end of this site: ABRSM & Trinity Guildhall College.


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CD release:
arrowtwelve for 12 violoncelli performed by Celloensemble of arrowMusikhochschule Muenster (D)

CD release:
label arrowraccanto
>children’s corner< by arrowStefan Barcsay including arrowbubbles for guitar; arroworder CD

CD release: musicaphon and arrowKlassik Radio: “two moments in a city” performed by  arrowDuo Rossel featuring arrowmind the gap for violin and violoncello.


witch hunt on YouTube
The award winning composition performed by members of the National Sax Choir (UK).

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